The studio

Every detail of our studio is designed to maximize your workout. The heavy bags have cutting-edge sensor technology wrapping the bags that allows you to track every time you hit the bag. Real-time results that you can measure every class.

Emerge Training Center is a one of a kind fitness center located in the heart of West Warwick's Arctic Village. Offering a no class time training schedule, along with dedicated kickboxing classes powered by smart bag technology. The ETC is the only studio in RI that can offer you a way to track your progress. 


The ETC found it's home at 23 Washington St which was a men's shop for almost 50 years. This same men's shop is where the owner and head instructor rented all his tuxedo's for his High School Prom's. 

The ETC is also on the same street where Coach Lou started training 33 years ago at New England Tae Kwon Do.

meet coach Lou

mt story

I'm Coach Lou I have been teaching and training for 33 years. I have a passion for helping others reach all their goals, whether it's weight loss, to build muscle, learn how to defend themselves, or simply just have some fun. I started my journey 33 years ago on the same street my studio is on now. 

My goal is to help as many people as I can to reach all their goals.  

here what UFC vet

john "doomsday"Howard has to say about coach lou.